The Traditional Metal Roofer Directory

Training at the Lead Sheet Training Academy

Are you looking for a lead or hard metal worker that has been professionally trained? Then look no further than the Traditional Metal Roofer Directory.

Everyone included in the Directory has undertaken training at the LSTA (or what was formerly the Lead Sheet Association) and their level of attainment in either lead and/or hard metals is shown by the number against their name.

If you are a contractor, architect or specifier looking for a metal roofer that has undertaken specialist training this Directory is a great starting point.

If you are a member of the public who needs lead or hard metal work done as part of a roofing job, you can check here to find one or see if the company you are using have any specialist on their books.

It is important to remember that whilst a lot of general roofing contractors and individuals do have experience of metal roofing it does require specialist skills to install lead and hard metal so you should always what experience the company you are proposing to use has.

Those included in the Directory have not paid for inclusion, the administration is covered by the cost of the training courses they have undertaken.

Whilst the LSTA has trained those included in the Directory, we are not able to take any responsibility for the work they undertake, and we recommend that current references are taken up to ensure you know what you are getting.

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Skill Levels

Getting the right level of
skills for the job

Directory entries at level 1 are likely to include those new to the industry who have undertaken induction and training in the basic levels of lead or hard metal design and installation. | More >

Directory entries at Level 2 are likely to have been working in the industry for more than a year and will likely have progressed to this level through experience and on-site development of their skills, in addition to formal training and assessment. | More >

Directory entries at level 3 are likely to have been regularly working in the industry for at least three years in order to have gained sufficient practical skill and design knowledge to be able to work almost entirely without supervision or require technical guidance. | More >

Directory entries at level 4 will be widely experienced and competent at all aspects of detailing and installing lead and hard metal for roofing and cladding. | More >

CITB Approved

The LSTA is recognised as a CITB Approved Training Organisation

Training to Suit You

The LSTA is open all year, including most Saturdays, so courses can be arranged around dates that suit you