LSTA update

Grant Robinson from LDN Leadwork started Module 5 Traditional advanced lead work course this week, having been on site for the past two years honing his skills, having completed the City & Guilds intermediate modules 1 to 4 with the LSTA back in 2018.

Grant felt that it was now time to take his training to the next level by completing the advanced lead worker module 5, this course will prepare him for future heritage projects, benefit his employer in being able to complete more complex tasks, enhance his existing skill set for his own development and enable him to apply for the Level 3 Heritage Gold Card.

Grant has produced some excellent work this week on Herringbone Steeple Tower Cover and Barrel Dormer Top to name but a few as seen in the photos. We are looking forward to seeing how Grant progresses on the remaining 10 days of the course.

We asked grant about the training he had received, and this is what he had to say.

“The LSTA is a very helpful and knowledgeable Training Academy. I think it is the best place to learn Leadwork from the best tutors, I’ve been concentrating on Module 5 Advanced Heritage, finding it hard but very rewarding. I was able to do work I haven’t done before with guidance from Simon my tutor. I was really pleased with how the practical tasks turned out. I learnt a lot this week and look forward to the rest of the course”

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