The Use of Rolled Lead Sheet in Construction – LSA publications

The LSA publishes a comprehensive range of authoritative technical and practical publications on the use and installation of Rolled Lead Sheet in construction.

Rolled Lead Sheet



Rolled Lead Sheet

The LSA’s premiere publication is Rolled Lead Sheet – The Complete Manual which has become the essential point of reference for designers, specifiers and contractors using rolled lead sheet to BS EN 12588: 2006.

The Lead Sheet Manual provides comprehensive technical information, detailed drawings and photographs, sizing charts and illustrations to ensure best practice in the specification and installation of Rolled Lead Sheet. It supports the current BS6915 Code of Practice on installation.

The Manual is available for purchase as an e-book, enabling access via any electronic device connected to the internet. A printed version remains available for purchase, and access to the e-book is now offered free of charge with every printed version bought.

Please note – Users should be aware that the technical guidance given in the Manual applies only to Rolled Lead Sheet produced to the BS EN 12588 standard. If other forms of lead sheet are being used, you should contact your supplier for advice on the use and installation of that product.

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NEW 2016 Edition – The Lead Sheet Association is pleased to announce the launch of a newly updated version of its Rolled Lead Sheet Manual – the biggest revamp in recent years. It contains many improved drawings, a better layout and clearer tables to ensure all users get the best out of Rolled Lead Sheet. In particular, we have improved the section on ventilation. The new Manual is available online, now, as an e-Book and printed copies can be ordered below.

Rolled Lead Sheet



Rolled Lead Sheet





Rolled Lead Sheet



The LSA Pocket Guide for installers of Rolled Lead Sheet, is an excellent summary resource that contains technical information extracted from the Lead Sheet Manual.

This is supported by other free-to-download publications on health and safety, specific technical information as well as AutoCAD and more basic fitting details.

Rolled Lead Sheet



Lead – there is no alternative – An overview of the benefits of Rolled Lead Sheet in relation to alternative products, with particular reference to cost, installation, appearance, security, green credentials and lifecycle.

Don’t be a victim of crime – A wealth of helpful tips on how to secure your property and make life difficult for the would-be lead thief.

Different types of lead – An overview of the different types of lead that are available and their uses.

Gutter linings traditional or flexible – Neoprene expansion joints have been used in conjunction with lead sheet for a number of years. This bulletin seeks to clarify where and when they can be considered.

Lead sheet and REACH – a European regulation concerning the Regulation, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. Information on the regulation and some FAQs.

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