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1R – Specifying Thickness

2R – Head Fixings

3R – Clips to Free Edges (vertical cladding)

4R – Lap Joints/Clips to Free Edges(roof pitches over 10deg)

5R – Lap Joints Continuous Clipping/Free Edges (roof pitches over 10deg)

6R – Cover Flashing at Abutment (clips screw fixed)

7R – Cover Flashing at Abutment (clips hooked over upstand)

8R – Cover Flashing at Abutment (lead clips welded)

9R – Wood Cored Rolls Traditional and Alternative

10R – Drip up to 3deg

11R – Drip between 3deg and 10deg

12R – Roll up to Drip Intersection Rolls Staggered

13R – Roll up to Drip Intersection on Rolls in Line

14R – Cover Flashing at Roll to Abutment up to 3deg

15R – Intersection at Ridge up to 3deg Roof Pitch

16R – Intersection at Hip up to 3deg

17R – Roll to Drip Intersection Rolls staggered above 3deg

18R – Roll to Drip Intersection Rolls in Line above 3deg

19R – Cover Flashing at Roll/Abutments 3deg to 10deg

20R – Intersection at Ridge between 3deg and 10deg

21R – Hollow Rolls22R – Single Lock Welts

22R – Single Lock Welts

23R – Laps in Line (pitched roofing)

24R – Ridge Capping with King Roll(11deg to 30deg)

25R – Hip Roll Capping (below 30deg)

26R – Ridge Capping with King Roll (above 30deg)

27R – Hip Roll Capping (above 30deg)

28R – Abutment Flashings Welted Joints (30 deg roof pitch and above)

29R – Abutment Flashings Wood Cored/Hollow Rolls (30deg roof pitch and above)

30R – Ventilation Details