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1F – Abutment with Soakers and Step Flashings2F – Abutment Soakers/Step Flashings Slates3F – Step/Flashings/Single Lap Tiles4F – Single Step/Cover Flashing5F – Abutment Flashing/Secret Gutter6F – Abutment Step/Flashing/Secret Gutter7F – Apron Flashings/Abutment/Lean to Roof/Tiles/Slates8F – Cover Flashing/Flat Single Lap Tiles9F – Pitched Valley Gutter Lining10F – Valley Soakers/Slated Roofs below 45deg Roof Pitch11F – Valley Soakers/Plain Tiles/Slated Roofs 45deg Roof Pitch12F – Ridge and Hip Rolls13F – Hip Soakers14F – Hip Roll Soakers15F – Saddles16F – Chimney Flashings17F – Cover Flashings to Bituminous Felt and Asphalt18F – Accessories