Why join the LSA Leadworker Register?

LSA Leadworker Register

Thank you for showing an interest in the LSA’s Register of Leadworkers. We have taken the step of creating the Register, as for many years employers and clients have been asking the LSA to recommend or put them in touch with good quality, appropriately trained leadworkers. We believe the Register is the best way of doing this.

The Register has four levels of competence depending on the leadwork qualifications gained, providing a pathway for career progression, allow leadworkers to develop their skills and progress through the levels as they gain more experience.

LSA will offer all Leadworkers on the Register a 20% discount on LSA traning courses and publications and it will be working to add to the range of benefits Leadworkers can enjoy as the Register develops. For an up to date list of benefits click here»

There is an annual fee to be included on the Register. Applications received by 31st December 2014 will be at the discounted fee of £60.00 inclusive of VAT. All applications received from 1st January 2015 will be at the standard fee of £90.00 inclusive of VAT.

How the Register works

There are four levels of competence on the Register that correspond to the range of training courses and upskilling qualifications that currently exist in the industry. If you are unsure or need some guidance about the appropriate level for you, please get in touch with us. The levels range from the highest skills available to those entering the profession.

The Register is overseen by a Management Committee made up from LSA Manufacturing Members and LSA executives – to see the Operational Guidelines for the Register click here»

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LSA Level 1 Leadworker (Black)

LSA Leadworker Register Level 1

This is the most highly qualified level on the Register and anyone wanting to join this level must have a least one of the following:

  • QCF Lead/Metal Roofing up to Level 3.
  • Advanced City and Guilds 6055 Module 5.
  • Heritage Experienced Leadwork Practical Assessment (HELPA).
  • Additional leadwork qualification/s or equivalent that will be considered by the Register Executive Committee.

This level includes many senior management functions such as substantial autonomy and often significant responsibility for the work of others as well as accountability for analysis and diagnosis, design planning, execution and evaluation.

LSA Level 2 Leadworker (Red)

LSA Leadworker Register Level 2

This is a highly skilled leadworker who has the following qualifications:

  • QCF Metal Roofing/Lead Level 2.
  • Lead Conrtactors Association Gold Up-skilling Course.
  • Any other form of leadwork qualification/s or equivalent will be considered by the Register Executive Committee.

There is considerable responsibility and autonomy. Control or guidance of others is often required. This level includes many supervisory functions.

LSA Level 3 Leadworker (Blue)

LSA Leadworker Register Level 3

The Level 3 Leadworker will be skilled in a wide range of varied work activities in a variety of contexts and hold the following qualifications:

  • City and Guilds 6055 Leadworkers Certificate Modules 1 to Module 4.
  • Additional leadwork qualification/s or equivalent will be considered by the Register Executive Committee.
  • LCA Silver Up skilling Course.

Some of the activities are complex or non-routine, and there is some individual responsibility or autonomy. Working with others, perhaps through membership of a work group or team, may be a requirement.

LSA Level 4 Leadworker (Green)

LSA Leadworker Register Level 4

The Level 4 Leadworker will have completed the following courses:

  • The Combined Basic Bossing and Welding.
  • Additional leadwork qualification/s or equivalent will be considered by the Register Executive Committee.

Level 4 is a grade on the Register but this level is regarded as non-qualified.

This level is open to those who are new to the industry. They will remain at this level for a maximum of 3 years from the date of their registration and in which time they are expected to progress on to Level 3 or higher. If the Registered Leadworker fails to do so they will be re-assessed through an appeals procedure and if allowed they will continue for an additional 12 months. At the end of the additional 12 months if they fail to provide sufficient evidence to progress onto the higher levels then they will be removed from the LSA Register of Leadworkers.

If applicants do not have a formal qualification but have extensive practical and theoretical experience then the applicant will have to formally work towards the relevant level of qualification. This assessment can be carried out by the LSA, but additional assessment and registration fees will apply. Please contact the LSA for further details.

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