Metal Theft

Research Summary

Whilst the theft of metals, including lead, can attract some rather sensationalist headlines, there is clear, ongoing evidence that incidences are tumbling across the UK, mainly due to various measures implemented by the relevant authorities and recent changes in legislation.

The Lead Sheet Association has produced an information sheet outlining the latest strategies and successes in the on-going fight against metal theft. You can view a region-by-region analysis of how metal theft has fallen during 2012, and find out what is being done by the relevant authorities to keep the metal theft crime numbers falling.

The information sheet can be accessed by clicking here.

In most standard lead roofing and vertical cladding installations, lead has a rating of A or A+, has a significantly lower carbon footprint than comparable external wall and roofing specifications, and its Eco points – the degree to which a material impacts on the environmental performance of a building  – measure very favourably.
Find out more about the findings of lead in the BRE Green Guide by clicking here.

Alternatively, view a short film where the Deputy Chief Inspector of the British Transport Police, Robin Edwards explains some of the strategies put in place to reduce incidences of metal theft, and the successes that they have been noted. Mr Edwards also explains how lead theft forms only a very small proportion of overall metal theft. To view the video, please click below.

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