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Climate change

Climate change is causing a wider range of weather conditions in the UK, which is making the choice of roofing material ever more important to withstand water ingress and UV degradation.

The LSA has produced a short information sheet outlining some interesting facts to consider about the use of Rolled Lead Sheet in comparison with alternative manmade building materials. For example, how lead’s flexibility and malleability allow it to move in sympathy with buildings over the years, and how lead’s longevity can result in substantial savings in maintenance and insurance costs, as well as being the environmentally friendly option.

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LEAD – secure your investment with a quality product


House Builders

British Standard lead is the only quality roofing material that has stood the test of time. Having been used for centuries in construction, it nevertheless still remains the favoured material of housebuilders and architects today as it outperforms other building materials when measured against modern criteria. Apart from its renowned waterproofing qualities it is now recognised for having excellent ratings in environmental performance, sustainability and fire resistance. 

 » So why risk your reputation using inferior products?

“LABC is pleased to endorse the work of the Lead Sheet Association, and to recommend its CPD training to raise awareness of best practice and to promote compliance with the Building Regulations.”
Paul F. Everall CBE, Chief Executive, LABC

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Lead – add quality and distinction to your developments

British Standard lead sheet has a minimum design life of 60 years – with many examples of installations in good condition after 100 years. You can add value and distinction to your developments by using such a reliable and aesthetically pleasing material. It also comes with other benefits too:

  • it can enhance the value of the properties you sell
  • expert advice on the design and installation is available
  • the British Standard assures manufacturing quality
  • long term maintenance costs are minimal
  • insurance claims relating to water ingress can be reduced
  • it carries the BS and CE quality marks

Most man-made products have limited track records, having not been on the market for long, so their life cycle as a roofing material may represent something of a gamble.

 » Why risk your reputation on anything other than British Standard rolled lead sheet?

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Lead – cost effective and green

Lead has excellent life cycle cost benefits and environmental ratings.

  • Over 40 years lead can be up to 50% cheaper than manmade flashing products, and over 65 years it is almost 100% cheaper.
  • Lead is 100% recyclable, does not require fixing with toxic adhesives or disposal in landfill sites, unlike most man-made alternative products.
  • It has BRE Green Guide environmental ratings of A and A+ in most standard roofing and cladding installations.

Lead has the lowest carbon footprint of all roofing metals and with its Green Guide rating can help with the overall Ecopoints and BREEAM rating on your buildings.

» Use lead and support the sustainability and environmental agendas.

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Protecting your investment

Damage to properties through water ingress is one of the most common types of claim made against the NHBC and LABC Warranty schemes.

  • Rolled lead sheet’s weathertightness and malleability properties cause the risk of water ingress to be of minimal concern.
  • Man made products can be susceptible to UV degradation, brittleness and cracking.
  • The use of rolled lead sheet can reduce insurance claims from water penetration.

» Minimise your risk by using a reliable product that protects against the weather.

In most standard lead roofing and vertical cladding installations, lead has a rating of A or A+, has a significantly lower carbon footprint than comparable external wall and roofing specifications, and its Eco points – the degree to which a material impacts on the environmental performance of a building  – measure very favourably.
Find out more about the findings of lead in the BRE Green Guide by clicking here.

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Lead – the fight against metal theft is being won

The occurrences of metal theft are tumbling, and are expected to fall further as a result of a number of measures.

  • The Scrap Metal Dealers Bill 2013, will require scrap metal dealers to be licensed by local authorities
  • The Legal Aid and Sentencing and Prosecution of Offenders Act has significantly reduced cash transactions in scrap metal
  • Operation Tornado, a multi-agency initiative has seen metal theft drop by around 50% in many areas
  • Lead constitutes less than 10% of the overall theft of metal in the UK.

» Don’t let the disproportionate media coverage around metal theft deter you from using lead.

House Builders Awards

The Lead Sheet Association was proud to be a sponsor of the Housebuilder Awards 2013, supporting the Housebuilder of the Year – Small category.

Maurice Bailey, chairman of the Lead Sheet Assocation, presented the award to St Modwen Homes, in recognition of the detail to attention demonstrated at its Locking Parklands scheme close to Weston-super-Mare.

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The LSA – helping you get the best out of lead

The manufacturers of BS 12588 Rolled Lead Sheet are always available to assist purchasers, specifiers and contractors through The Lead Sheet Association. The LSA was set up over 50 years ago to assist with advice and in guidance on installations using British Standard lead.

The LSA’s Technical Advisory Service can:

  • provide independent advice on design and installation issues
  • undertake condition surveys covering all forms of installation over a wide range of building types
  • provide AutoCad drawings for a range of installations
  • deliver seminars and RIBA approved CPDs

The LSA also runs training courses in the use of lead at its bespoke training centre in Kent or satellite training centres around the UK.

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