Health & Safety

When using lead sheet:

  • lift with care – seek assistance
  • do not eat, drink or smoke
  • wear the appropriate protective clothing
  • apply a hand barrier cream where possible
  • wash hands thoroughly afterwards

A detailed information booklet entitled Working With Lead in Construction – A Guide to Health, Safety and Environmental Care is available from the Lead Sheet Association.

The technical information provided in this officialpocket guide is extracted from Rolled Lead Sheet – The Complete Manual

Designed and published by the Lead Sheet Association.

Lead Sheet – The Facts..Why it stands out above other products

  • Over 95% of lead sheet product reclaimed at the end of the building’s life
  • All reclaimed lead sheet recycled into new product without the loss of performance
  • Recycling involves no solvents and supports environmental strategies
  • Recycling (due to lead’s low melting point) requires low energy requirements and supports the Kyoto protocol
  • All by-products created during re-processing are recycled
  • Life cycle analysis shows proven superior environmental profile compared with any suggested substitutes
  • Substitutes do not provide the same application performance – fit and forget
  • Proven longevity of product application over centuries of use
  • Full technical product support

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