Free Information Sheets

Health and Safety Guides

A guide to Health, Safety and Environmental Care – Designed as a brief guide advising correct health and safety procedures for those working with lead sheet in construction with guidance on exposure to risk assessment, safety equipment, duties of employers and employees, control of Lead at work etc.

Leadworkers Safety Guide – A useful safety guide intended for lead sheet installers.

General Information

Lead – there is no alternative – A comprehensive listing of why lead is far superior to alternative products, with particular reference to cost, installation, appearance, security and lifecycle. A section is also included on how lead is one of the most environmentally-friendly products in construction.

Don’t be a victim of crime – A wealth of helpful tips on how to secure your property and make life difficult for the would-be lead thief.

Different Types of Lead – Designed to distinguish between the different types of lead sheet If you thought all types of lead sheet were the same, refer now to “TYPES OF LEAD SHEET”

Gutter Linings traditional or flexible – Neoprene expansion joints have been used in conjunction with lead sheet for a number of years. This bulletin seeks to clarify where and when they can be considered.

Lead Sheet and REACH – a European regulation concerning the Regulation, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. Information on the regulation and some FAQs.