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You can then download the drawing in either AutoCAD (dwg) format or Drawing Exchange (dxf) format. PDF Format also available.

1G – Gutter Drip and Rolls

2G – Gutter Drip/Rolls with Splash Laps(codes 4 to 6)

3G – Box Gutters (flat roof intersection)

4G – Box Gutters (tiles or slated roofs)

5G – Deep Sided Gutter (tiles roofs)

6G – Deep Sided Gutter (flat roofs)

7G – Tapered Gutters

8G – Catchpit in Tapered Gutter

9G – Deep Sided Gutter (tapered)

10G – Catchpit

11G – Chute Outlets (tapered)

12G – Bay Type Outlet13G – Outlet Connection