Basic TIG Welding
Duration Cost
Monday-Wednesday 3 days £395.00
Three Saturdays 3 days £425.00


Welding lead sheet using Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) is a new concept to the UK construction industry. The LSA have been carrying out trials using the TIG process and to date the trials have been very positive. We are now able to offer basic courses in TIG welding, which follow the same course content and guidelines as the basic welding.

On completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate an awareness of the hazards associated with the Tig Welding process and   take appropriate safety measures
  • set up machine on A/C power to weld lead sheet and back purge if required
  • set up machine on D/C power to weld lead sheet.
  • select tungsten type and size, grind to required shape, set power, gas flow rate
  • select filler rod size and type and back purge if required
  • produce acceptable standards of work, butt, lap, and fillet.
  • shut down the equipment and leave in a safe condition .

Who should attend?

All those who have already attended one of the LSA’s lead sheet courses and want to look at the alternative way of welding lead sheet using the TIG process.


Some of the benefits of using TIG are that it uses an inert gas and an electrical current and we the welding torch is lifted from the piece of work there is no heat, reducing the possibility of naked flames on site.

Dates & Venue

To be arranged, please contact the LSA to confirm next available date.

What should you bring?

Safety Boots, overalls or warehouse coat are all you need as the tools, materials, and lead sheet required for the course are included in the price.


Please contact the LSA for further information and to confirm level of funding.